Amir Sheikh

Spatial Research Manager

Amir Sheikh is a transdisciplinary urban environmental researcher, curator, and collaboration builder. He utilizes the tools of anthropology, geography, environmental science, historical inquiry, and design-based collaborations to examine critical questions about our spatial relationships to landscapes and their deeply intertwined narratives of place to better inform a just shared future.

He currently consults for a range of cultural landscape, environmental planning, and spatial storytelling projects integrating counter-mapping and participatory methodologies. He is also a Curatorial Associate at the Burke Museum in Seattle, where he co-led the Waterlines Project and co-created a range of materials related to Seattle’s environmental urban histories and decolonial landscapes. Previously, at the University of Washington, he contributed to projects ranging from community-based hyper-local scales around gentrification to environmental modeling projects addressing water resource issues in global development contexts, regional historical ecology mapping research in the Salish Sea basin to inform environmental restoration and co-management strategies, and the development of place-based curricular transmedia strategies bridging the humanities, social sciences, and the environmental sciences.