Michaeline Picaro Mann

Michaeline Picaro Mann is a member of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation Turtle Clan. She is a knowledge bearer and advocates for the Turtle Clan. With Chief Vincent Mann, Picaro Mann has been at the forefront of the Ramapough’s environmental justice organizing efforts. She has worked with NYU Environmental Studies, contributing to their shared projects, her nursing expertise, research skills, and perspective on traditional healing. 

Picaro Mann is currently enrolled at Chamberlain College, where she will receive her nursing BSN. This degree will allow her to further assist with the nursing needs of the Turtle Clan. Alongside this formal education, she is a traditionalist, and her ever growing knowledge of medicinal plants is of great importance to her community. She is co-founder of the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm, a resource that creates jobs as well as food sovereignty. She also helped to establish a non-profit food waste prevention and redistribution program for the Turtle Clan communities. In addition to her work on food sovereignty and healthcare, she also assists Chief Mann in his organizing and advocacy work throughout the state of New Jersey. Her drive to help all humans live a better life and to return to traditional foods and medicines is a true asset to Chief Mann and to the Turtle Clan.